Upcoming Productions

Our 1st Original Production!

"7 players trapped in an Escape Room. Each has a history and secrets they would rather forget - but will the game let them?"

Our 2nd Original Production!

"For 8 high school students, the arrival of a new creative writing teacher leads them on a journey of self-discovery and encourages them to begin telling their stories of identity, love and loss. When they are plunged into the ultimate nightmare, those stories just might be the only thing that can save them."

Our Past Productions

These are NOT your average Fairy Tales!
Two stories that you think you may know will walk you through a magical place of villains, heroes and creatures that creatively twist your favorite fairy tales.

So, let your imagination run free and enjoy our production of Fairly Twisted Tales.

Our 3rd original Black Box Production put on by our Teen Theater Program.

Regardless of the decade, one thing always remains the same, kids still find themselves congregating in groups, in cliques, that can both isolate and support them. 

Welcome back to the 90’s and enjoy the show!