“I had the pleasure to meeting and speaking with owner. They have a great location and an impressive studio. I felt a welcoming feeling the minute I entered the door and I arrived totally unexpected. I was impressed with the programs being offered and the fact that they work with and develop all levels of talent...”

- John B.
Facebook Testimonial

“My 13 year old comes home from Acting House Studios and is so excited to tell me about her day!”

-Susan D.

My son has so much more confidence since starting at Acting House Studios."

- Christian M.

"Acting House Studios is a nice, warm environment for kids and teenagers.  It is such a welcoming place for everyone. I have learned so much from the teachers and from their experiences they have taught me what it takes to work in the industry.  [The staff] shows so much compassion  for us aspiring actors."       - Brandon M.

 have been at The Acting House Studios since the beginning.  I have met so many people and learned so much!  I came into these classes wanting to know more about acting and now I'm talking to Jo about getting an agent! Each teacher provides a welcoming environment to their classes and they strive get to know you and help you become the amazing actor that's inside you.  You know that the teachers care about you and your future and it's the best feeling in the world.  I've met a ton of people that make me so incredibly happy and give me so much encouragement in everything I do.  I know if I start working in the acting business I'll be 100% prepared;  and it is all because of the Acting House.          -Emma L.

 - Joe B.

“We love the variety of classes [our kids] are experiencing here... and to be taught by professional coaches... it's amazing!  We're so glad to have found [Acting House Studios]! ”

- Rosa T.

  - Vicki O