My 9 year old daughter had the BEST experience at the weekly summer camp!  She loved rotating through the different studios and especially loved the mid-week talent show.  She can't wait to do it again next summer! ~ E Krastek

From the moment I entered the door it felt like home. I have studied acting before but wanted so much more out of an acting school ! I have to say I have not been disappointed . I checked out other teachers in NJ and have not seen any with the background and professional experience as Kenneth McGregor he is truly in a league of his own. The owners and staff have a heart for the entertainment industry and want the best for all the students. I highly recommend Acting House Studios.   ~ Joe Bei

Instruction, staff & facilities are all 1st rate! Very fortunate to have Kenneth John McGregor as part of the studio faculty… a world-class actor who cares about his students' acting training & progression.  ~ Jeff Alpert

As a Songwriting and Vocal/Stage Presence teacher - I love teaching at Acting House Studios. Every teacher is committed to creating a safe environment for emerging artists (children & adults alike) to explore their own creative abilities. AHS provides a well-rounded curriculum, including a 'rotation' program which offers students a taste of various creative and performing arts genres. In an era when the arts are increasingly disappearing from public education offerings, AHS ensures that students expand their imaginations, creativity and confidence - as they develop their performance chops - all in the spirit of fun, connection and authentic self-expression. This school is a gem and a great place for you or your child to expand beyond your current comfort zones in life and performing.    ~ Deb Chamberlin

We signed up with plans of only coming for the summer. My son loves it so much that we have become regulars. He loves the minis class and can't wait to come every week. 😁   ~ Lisa Salto DiPace

Fantastic place to start on your track to acting career. Stage, voice overs, acting. Many talented teachers. Great summer camp for kids. Large selection of classes. It's great they also provide talent management, photo shoots, and skilled coaching. Plenty of opportunities to start your career. ~ Vicky Olson

What a fabulous group of people, the owners are terrific , the awesome instructors/coaches and all the “classmates “! They are now offering a rotational series to try EVERYTHING and it is fantastic!!!  ~ Dona Ricci Kaplan

By far the best acting school in the region.  They have the best teachers who are industry professionals and have a wide variety of classes for kids and adults. My kids loved it!  They had so much fun and learned so much from improv to stage combat to musical theatre.  The staff is super friendly. Highly recommend   ~ Melanie Dipiero

My daughter, Hannah, has been going there for a little over a year. They have a great facility, great staff and they teach the kids everything they need to know for the acting and singing.  ~ James Ranck

Tonight is my daughter's second class and she loves, loves, loves it. Everyone is super nice and she, of course, already made friends. They offer so many well rounded activities, and they are friendly to your pockets 😉. Check it out if looking for skills that will stay with you or your little one no matter what path they take!!   ~ Gina Rene

After I graduated high school, I decided to go into the entertainment industry, and I was looking for ways to expand my skillset. I took some TV and film classes in college and did some local theatre, but I couldn't really find anyone who could teach me the skills I wanted to learn. I tried a class at Acting House Studios just on a friends recommendation, and I have to say, I was amazed at how much I learned. I found the teachers to be different from a lot of other places, because their focus is student growth. They want make sure that above all else, their students are able to learn from them. I've been able to grow my skills considerably since I started taking classes. I would definitely recommend checking this place out.     ~ Kyle Foor

I call myself blessed to be a part of this wonderful group of such talented coaches & students. Acting House Studios is a gem of a family owned run business on Main St. in Historic Medford.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting offering an exciting opportunity to learn skills that will join like-minded creativity, foster self confidence and create team building skills. It's a unique combination of acting, dancing, singing and songwriting for all ages; 12 months old to 100 years young!  ~ Christie  Mitchell

I can’t say enough about this place. From the wonderful teachers to a great staff. My daughters have learned so much in the short time going there. If your children are interested in acting this is the place you want them to be. They even have adult classes as well.   ~ Marisa De Simone Schwartz

I'm not an actor but I am in sales and heard about their Improv Workshop and how it can help you prepare for unknown situations. I must say that the workshop really did push me to be a better communicator, and I had a blast! Everyone was so friendly that I felt like I could just go for it and not worry about what others think. Will definitely be back for more!  ~ E Alibrando

Such a wonderful resource and fun place to learn! They offer so many options for kids and teens, that there is truly something for everyone! Also, the owner and front desk staff are some of the nicest people. Definitely worth checking out!!   ~ Emily Cheney

Meeting Josephine was a pleasure. The professional atmosphere and studio presence made ME feel like a star!   ~ Wednesday Mayer

This is an amazing place! Top rate teachers and staff!  ~ Tami BD Mylo

“We love the variety of classes [our kids] are experiencing here... and to be taught by professional coaches... it's amazing!  We're so glad to have found [Acting House Studios]!   ~ Rosa T

“My 13 year old comes home from Acting House Studios and is so excited to tell me about her day!”   ~ Susan D.

“I had the pleasure to meeting and speaking with owner. They have a great location and an impressive studio. I felt a welcoming feeling the minute I entered the door and I arrived totally unexpected. I was impressed with the programs being offered and the fact that they work with and develop all levels of talent...”      ~ John B.

My son has so much more confidence since starting at Acting House Studios."   ~ Christian M

“.I have been at The Acting House Studios since the beginning.  I have met so many people and learned so much!  I came into these classes wanting to know more about acting and now I'm talking to Jo about getting an agent! Each teacher provides a welcoming environment to their classes and they strive get to know you and help you become the amazing actor that's inside you.  You know that the teachers care about you and your future and it's the best feeling in the world.  I've met a ton of people that make me so incredibly happy and give me so much encouragement in everything I do.  I know if I start working in the acting business I'll be 100% prepared;  and it is all because of the Acting House.          -Emma L.

"Acting House Studios is a nice, warm environment for kids and teenagers.  It is such a welcoming place for everyone. I have learned so much from the teachers and from their experiences they have taught me what it takes to work in the industry.  [The staff] shows so much compassion  for us aspiring actors."       - Brandon M

Great talent, great teachers! Classes for kids or adults for acting in TV, film, theater, voiceover, improv, dance and stage combat.   ~ Meredith Orlow

From all of us at Acting House Studios, THANK YOU!